Vintage kids clothing – is it for you?

What is vintage kids clothing?

All vintage clothing is wearing clothing from a different era .  So this could be from the 60’s which is more mini dresses, mod dresses

and cocktail gowns.  Where the 70’s were looking at disco, hippi cloths that were loud flowers and mini suede skits.  Well you get the point its just an era that you really like.  I love lace and flowing dresses so I’d say the era that is my favorite would be the 1930’s with all the beautiful lace !

Why do I buy kids vintage clothing

The reason I got into the vintage clothing was for my photography business and my clients just love the vintage look and so do I!  I don’t just use it for kids but also adults.  We use flowed dresses and lots of lace.  I started the blog just because I am always asked where I get the outfits because they fall in love with the clothing.

How to find vintage clothing

omg you guys its all over the internet!  Just some of the few shops I get my clothing at are etsy, Amazon even eby just do a search for vintage clothing there are hundreds of  shops out there and it doesn’t have to be expensive the price range I shoot for is anywhere from $10-$120
so not bad depending on what your looking for.

So is it for you?

Well only you know that but go look at some vintage clothing , it doesn’t mean old anymore just the era it was popular in … so tell me what your favorite era is?  Comment below.







2 thoughts on “Vintage kids clothing – is it for you?”

  1. Hi Nicevillemom,

    I love vintage. I knew that vintage was popular in furniture and other items but I didn’t realize people were interested in buying vintage clothing. I like the boy and girl clothing in the image and because it’s in black and white makes it look like a photo from the past. I would like to see some of your photography work. I think that would be interesting.

    If I were to look for vintage clothing I would buy from the 1930’s and before that year even into the 1800’s.

    I enjoyed your website. Thank you for sharing.

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